Yet another python frameworks' "which one is best for my project"

Friday, July 18, 2008

Python web frameworks ( or libraries ) which I have used for real world projects.

1 - Zope 2 /Plone. This was the first one. Tal template system was nice to learn. Throw the web zope application server update is nice for designers but not for development ( despite I used cadaver webdav command line client which also uses vim ). In general, I didn't like Zope, because is not very pythonic.

2 - Nevow. This came second after asking in IRC channels about a good one framework to use. A guy convinced me to try it. Nevow is the swiss army knife of the python web frameworks. You can do the impossible with it , but it's very complex for simple , business like endeavors.

3 - After Nevow I gave Django a try and liked it. At the same time I gave Turbogears 1 a try after watching the wiki in 20 minutes screencast by TG's author Kevin Dangoor. Then I decided on embrace TG 1.

4. When TG 1.0 felt short to one of my project expectations I decided to use Pylons which I liked a lot. The problem with Pylons is that , becoming another "swiss army knife" as Nevow, simple things were ackward to do.

5 - Now it's time of a happy convergence : TG simplicity + Pylons , that is , Turbogears 2. So I have to say good bye to cherrypy , kid and sqlobject . Welcome Paste, gengshi, webob, sqlalchemy, toscawidgets, beaker, etc. At this very moment I think TG2 is "Easy Pylons".