A brief guide to using virtualenv with wxpython

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

If you are developing wxpython applications may be you can find ...

Brief Guide to using virtualenv with wxpython

Albeit it's specific for python 2.7 and Mac OS X, some ideas can be used for other platforms and versions.

Available at github here

Just a test of syntaxhighlighter in blogger

Friday, February 27, 2009

This is just a test of syntaxhighlighter.

from couchdb.schema import Document, View, IntegerField, TextField
from couchdb import Database

map_fun = """
emit(doc.name, doc.age);
class Person(Document):
name = TextField()
age = IntegerField()
by_name = View('people', map_fun)

db = Database("")

# to make a view permanent do this
from couchdb.design import ViewDefinition
ViewDefinition.sync_many(db, [Person.by_name])

Person(name = "batok", age = 48).store(db)
Person(name = "rgalvan", age = 47).store(db)
Person(name = "robert", age = 30).store(db)

for person in Person.by_name( db, limit = 3):
print person.name, person.age

Introducing blogcdb

Monday, December 22, 2008

I have created a new project at github.

It's blogcdb ( a blog engine that uses couchdb ).

The blog engine is made with turbogears 2, a very good python web framework.

Also uses dojo javascript framework for some fancy stuff. Dojo version 1.2.3 is included.

To store blog posts, comments and attachments , the erlang based couchdb document database engine is used.


couchdb-python module by Christopher Lenz and Jan Lenhardt.
python 2.6
turbogears 2 : trunk version which also needs a lot of modules.
dojo 1.2.3 ( included ).
couchdb ( svn truk version ) available from apache software foundation.
mozilla's spidermonkey.

Get blogcdb at http://www.github.com/batok/blogcdb

A wxpython GUI interface to a blog.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I have created a github project with the name couchdb-wxpython.

The project is a python script that uses:

wxpython ( a python module for GUI which is cross-platform. It is a wrapper for wxwidgets ).

couchdb , a document oriented database to store blogposts , comments and attachments.

The program can also take screenshots and store them as attachments into couchdb.