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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Fedora core 2:

Everything was ok with one of my customers. Each user accesing a dos based app from dosemu/freedos had been working smooth... until fedora core 2 arrived...

Well the change from Xfree86 to had its consequences. The new fedora user couldn't run the app as the other people ( which had Mandrake and Redhat 8 and 9 installed ).

After several tries I decided to access the app from one of the RH9 users. So I did this bash script:


xset +fp $FONTDIR
ssh user@machine "dosemu/xdosemu"


Now the problem was with Squid...

How to make a user access everything related to yahoo but nothing else ?

The trick was editing the /etc/squid/squid.conf file by prepending the domain def in dstdomain directive with a . ( dot ) like this ...

acl yahoouser src

acl yahoo dstdomain
acl yahoo2 dstdomain
http_access deny yahoouser !yahoo !yahoo2

( See the . before and )

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